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Newark Document Destruction by Time Shred Services

Time Shred Services is a locally owned document destruction company that provides confidential, on-site document destruction services for business and residential clients the Newark New Jersey area. We make the process simple and safe by destroying your documents at your location, and recycling 100% of the shredded documents.

Every individual and business has a need to protect their confidential and private information. Time Shred Services’ document destruction service provides a secure way to completely destroy their documents before they are disposed of. Shredding is an effective means of insuring that you’re most sensitive information will not fall into the wrong hands.

Time Shred Services provides the safest and simplest means of securely destroying your sensitive information. All documents are collected by our uniformed shredding technicians and shredded at your home or office, eliminating the risks involved with transporting your documents and the involvement of multiple personnel to an off-site facility. We provide a Certificate of Destruction to document the destruction of your documents which helps you be compliant with Federal and State laws.

When you shred your documents you are also protecting the environment. Time Shred Services recycles 100% of all shredded material. All shredded items are used to make other paper products.

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