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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I shred my documents?
    To protect yourself, your clients and your business. It is also the law to shred any document that contains any private information such as phone numbers, account numbers, addresses, social security numbers ect.

  2. When can I schedule a shredding appointment?
    When it is convenient for you. We provide same day and next day service Monday through Saturday.

  3. What type of payments do you accept?
    Cash, Credit Cards, Checks

  4. Will you do a one-time shred?
    Yes, we come to you only when you need us.

  5. Where are my documents shredded?
    Right outside your front door. Our mobile shredding trucks come to your home or office to perform all shredding service.

  6. Do you provide shredding service to private residences?
    Yes we do, we come to your home Monday through Saturday.

  7. Do you have a place I can bring my documents to be shredded?
    No, we are a mobile shredding company and we come to you.

  8. Can I watch my documents being shredded?
    Yes you can watch the entire process. Our mobile shredding trucks have a screen on the side where you can watch your documents being picked up and dumped into the shredder and then shredded.

  9. Do I have to remove staples, rubber bands or paper clips before the documents are shredded?
    No, our high capacity industrial shredders with shred paper slips, stables, rubber bands and binders.

  10. When you do on-site shredding do you take the boxes?
    Yes, for an additional fee we will remove the cartons. Most municipalities will take cardboard boxes away for free.

  11. Will you deliver a shredding bin earlier than my scheduled appointment?
    Yes, there may be a nominal delivery fee.

  12. If I get a shredding bin how often do you come? What if I don’t need shredding services every month?
    No problem, we come when you need us.

  13. What happens to the paper after it's shredded?
    100% of the paper we shred gets recycled.

  14. Why should I use a shredding company?
    Our superior service. We come to you same day or next day and our well trained staff will assist you to make the entire shredding process fast and convenient for you.

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