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Jersey City Document Shredding by Time Shred Services

We come to you, We Shred, You’re Protected

Document shredding is a secure and easy process with Time Shred Services from collection to the shredding of your documents. With our secure destruction solutions Time Shred Services insures the total destruction of your private and confidential documents.

It's Simple

Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions, explain the entire process, give you a price over the telephone and schedule your document shredding service when it is best for you.

Convenient, Secure, Cost-effective

We come to your home or office to perform all document shredding. Our uniformed shredding technicians collect your documents and deposit them in our security bins and then move the security bin to our document shredding truck to be shredded. Your documents are never left unattended. We provide complete pricing before you schedule your shredding service and there are no hidden costs.

Certificate of Destruction

We provide Certificates of Destruction that documents the proper and compliant shredding of your documents.

Document Shredding Options

Purge Service – For one-time or whenever you need document shredding our Purge service is available. It is shredding only when you need it.

Scheduled Service- For our customers that have regular needs we provide our scheduled service. We come to you daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly or we will develop a schedule that meets your needs.

Convenient Scheduling

You can schedule you document shredding service for today, tomorrow or whenever it is convenient for you. To make it even more convenient we perform document shredding services Monday through Saturday.

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