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Nassau Document Destruction by Time Shred Services

Time Shred Services provides a complete line of document destruction services for both business and residential customers in Nassau County.

Every individual and business in Nassau County has sensitive information that must be destroyed before it is disposed of. Shredding protects you, a business, employees, customers and vendors from identity theft. Federal and State laws require shredding for the proper destruction of documents before they are disposed of. The question is how to destroy your documents while maximizing security, convenience and minimizing costs.

Time Shred Services is the answer for Nassau County. Here’s why;

  • Same Day and Next Day Document Destruction Services
  • Document Destruction is performed Monday through Saturday
  • Helpful well trained staff to assist you
  • We come to your home or office perform all document destruction
  • The most advanced mobile shredding trucks in the industry
  • We are a AAA Certified Document Destruction Company

Why you need to destroy your documents-
Because, every individual and business has information that requires secure destruction before it is disposed of. At some point everyone has to dispose of confidential information. Bank statements, credit card statements, deposit receipts, pay stubs, tax returns, health records, customer lists, confidential client information, sales receipts, payroll records all need to be securely destroyed before they are discarded.

Some important information for you-

  • You are invited to witness the entire destruction process via our truck mounted monitors.
  • Our "NO TOUCH" document destruction process offers you complete confidentiality because no one sees or touches your documents until after they are shredded.
  • We guarantee your sensitive materials are never left unattended
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided documenting the destruction of your documents.

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