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Nassau Paper Shredding by Time Shred Services

When documents containing sensitive information get into the wrong hands, the results can be devastating. The results can take weeks, months or even years to repair. From identity theft to financial fraud, the disposal of old or unwanted paperwork before it is shredded can have long term effects on individuals and businesses. To safely dispose of your documents that are no longer needed, they must be shredded. Individuals and businesses in Nassau County turn to Time Shred Services for the secure shredding of their important information before it is discarded. .

We Completely Destroy Your Documents

Our shredding is done by cross cut shredding. This means that your document are shredded multiple times by multiple sets of shredding blades which leaves the documents in small pieces that are impossible to reconstruct

Help the Environment by Paper Shredding

100% of the paper we shred is recycled. The shredded paper is turned in to paper pulp and is used to manufacture new paper products.

Watch your documents being shredded

You can watch the shredding of your documents. Our mobile shredding trucks are equipped with monitors on the side of our trucks so you can watch your documents being picked up, dumped and shredded. We provide Certificates of Destruction to document the proper destruction of your documents.

Why Choose Time Shred Services?

  • Same Day & Next Day Service
  • Shredding performed Monday - Saturday
  • Experienced and helpful staff
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • AAA Certified Shredding

Don't take chances with sensitive information. For more information about our paper shredding services, call Time Shred Services today.

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