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Residential Shredding in
New York City by
Time Shred Services will help
Stop Identity Theft.

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We come to your Home and all shredding is performed onsite.

Protect Yourself By Shredding

Time Shred Services Residential Shredding is an important part of the protection of your Identity and will help Stop Identity Thieves.

Your information can be stolen from many different items such as tax returns, bills, junk mail, prescription drug information, check book reorder forms, magazine labels. All of these items and many others become potential targets for identity thieves.

The Federal Trade Commission estimates that one consumer is the victim to identity theft every 22 minutes. Your garbage is where they can most easily have access to your private information. Shredding is the best way to stop anyone from having access to your information.

Please call us or complete our inquiry form to protect your identity.

We provide Same Day and Next Day service, Saturdays also!

Time Shred Services will send our residential Mobile Shredding Truck unit right to your door when it is convenient for you, we are ready to shred as soon as you are!

The cost to have a AAA Certified Paper Shredding Company come to your home is more economical than you may think. Our professional and secure document shredding is much faster and more effective than the compact shredder you have by your desk and have to feed a page at a time. Our mobile shredding trucks can shred 6,500 pounds of paper per hour. Your information is completely destroyed in minutes, right outside your front door.

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